Getting TOTP Tokens Out of Authy

Authy TOTP multifactor app does not provide the ability to export or download the tokens for use in a different TOTP app. Authy also requires Google Play Services to run on Android, so if de-Googling, Authy will display error messages every time the app is opened. Here’s how I got the data out of Authy and into a FOSS authenticator app.

$6.85 Million HIPAA Fine Still Won't Change Bad Behavior

HIPAA Regulator HHS-OCR just issued their second-largest enforcement settlement: $6.85 million against Premera Blue Cross (PBC) for a 2015 breach affecting 10.5 million individuals. For HIPAA enforcement, it’s impressive. Yet it is just a drop in the bucket for PBC and does ALMOST NOTHING to deter similar cases.

Adventures in Linux, VMware, and Broken Keyboard Maps

Control key stopped working on my host after running a guest in VMWware Workstation. And I use the control key A LOT. Here’s how I ended up fixing it.

Medical Data Leaked on Github

A case of organizational security process failures leading to a very-avoidable leak of over 200,000 patient medical records.

Virtualbox and Docker... or another reason Windows sucks

Challenges testing virtual machines and Docker services at the same time on Windows.

Opposition to EARN-IT Anti-Encryption Bills

A letter of opposition to the anti-encryption bills being pushed through Congress.

CIA Hacking Unit Didn't Protect Itself

According to recent reporting from the Washington Post, the 2017 Vault 7 leaks of classified CIA information and offensive hacking tools was the result of woefully lax security procedures.

Mahogany Coffee Table

Turning an antique board of unfinished mahogany into a wonderful coffee table we’ll enjoy for years to come. (With pictures!)

Adm. Mike Mullen Cannot Remain Silent

Mullen responds to the President’s St. John’s Church ‘photo op’, highlighting the dangerous precendent and inappropriate co-opting of the military for political purposes during these crises.

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

Prayers from today’s Divine Office that are particularly poignant during this COVID-19 economic crisis.