So apparently you can’t run Docker Desktop and Virtualbox on Windows at the same time. I learned this the hard way by installing Docker Desktop on my Windows 10 Pro machine after using Virtualbox to set up a few VMs. Then the VMs quit working… wouldn’t even open. Error message as follows: VMMR0_DO_NEM_INIT_VM failed: VERR_NEM_MISSING_KERNEL_API_2 (VERR_NEM_MISSING_KERNEL_API_2). VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX).

Long story short, Docker Desktop requires Hyper-V enabled on the Windows host, and Virtualbox won’t work if Hyper-V is enabled.

Solution is apparently to remove Docker Desktop, disable Hyper-V again, then use the older Docker Toolbox instead.

If I weren’t trying to put together some tools that will be used in Windows environments, I’d just switch back to my Linux box and avoid this headache altogether.