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PSA: Ransomware Outbreak Insights from CISA

Ransomware remains a major cyber threat to organizations of all sizes. The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) just issued a special publication about ransomware protection, mitigation, and recovery recommendations. Eagle is re-posting the CISA notice here to help spread the word. What follows is the news release published by CISA at www.us-cert.gov. CISA Insights: Ransomware Outbreak Original release date: August 21, 2019 …

calendar Aug 22, 2019 ... clock 1 min read ... tag cyber

Don't use Internet Explorer, says Microsoft Security Chief

This article previously published at EagleConsultingPartners.com Internet Explorer is a “compatibility solution” not a “modern browser”, explains Microsoft’s lead for cybersecurity in a recent blog post. Do you use the Internet Explorer web browser on a regular basis? Does your practice or organization? Well, the message from a Microsoft cybersecurity leader is to STOP! Chris Jackson is a Microsoft cybersecurity expert. …

calendar Apr 7, 2019 ... clock 3 min read ... tag cyber