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Preparing for Winter

Came across an interesting read about actually enjoying long winters, based on a PhD researcher's experiences in northern Norway. As the days get darker and colder in much of the northern hemisphere, it’s easy to indulge in gloom. For the next few months, you’ll be shivering. You’ll be battling foul weather. Thanks to daylight saving time there will be no chance to see the sun after work. …

calendar Dec 9, 2019 ... clock 2 min read ... tag life

I Preordered the Tesla Cybertruck

Call me crazy… Delusions of being Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner… But Tesla just unveiled their new electric pickup truck called the Cybertruck… And for a mere $100, I'M ON THE WAITING LIST. It probably won't be ready for production until 2021, so we've got time to figure out what to do with it, and the deposit is 100% refundable. …

calendar Nov 26, 2019 ... clock 1 min read ... tag life